24 Apr

The 7 Trumpets

The 7 Trumpets

               When I was in high school, the LORD put seven sins on my heart that the Church in North America needed to repent of, myself included:

1-     Apathy (not caring about the things of God; being lukewarm)

2-     Fear of man (caring more about what people think than what God thinks)

3-     Divisions (being divided against other believers who don’t agree with us on points of theology or practice but are in fact our brothers and sisters)

4-     Self-righteous traditions of men (trusting in our own little traditions we’ve come up with as our righteousness)

5-     Busyness (being caught up in the things of this world)

6-     Love of money (making comfort and affluence our master, rather than God)

7-     Insincere worship of God (worshipping God with our lips but not our hearts or actions)

I still believe these are relevant today and I repent of them daily for myself and the Church here in North America.  May God give us zeal, boldness, unity, dependence on His Word and Spirit, simplicity of heart, treasure in heaven and sincere worship of Him!  Shalom in Jesus