30 Oct

Sweetly Surrender – from the Celebration CD!

Sweetly Surrender

Here is a picture from one of our recent concerts – Mitchell at piano

This song asks some important questions, brings out fears, assurances and finally settles in sweet surrender.  I’ve always hated the idea of death, but then I’m not sure we were meant to love it.  I find myself struggling with many things, but God always reassures my heart that it’s going to be okay.  I know He is trustworthy.

Here are the lyrics:

Oh yes, I’m going back to my only friend; I’ll give up all I have, all I have to Him

Yes, I feel it in my soul and I cannot let go of this feeling that I have, that I have, oh for You

No I did it wrong again, got my hands on the wheel; I’ve got to give it up, up control over me

Jesus, help me find the way from the nighttime to the day, thank You for the light to see your grace and your face

Your love so tender, I sweetly surrender.  No more pretending, just sweet…

Sometimes I get so tired, that I cannot see the light.  Why do people have to die, I wonder why?

But you always come to me and tell me that my will is free, and when I do not understand you’ll always be

Right there by my side, whispering words of life.  When I cannot always hear, always hear, not all the time

When the rain is pouring down and I cannot hear the sound, I will trust you even then, even then oh my Friend

Your love so tender…

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