29 May




On this Memorial Day in America we remember those especially who gave their lives with the desire to bring freedom to this nation.  Sacrifice is something that we all honor and it makes me think about the sacrificial lives that my friends in Delhi are living.  I can’t name everyone in this picture because it is outside a house church after we worshiped together, but the three fellows in the front i got to know pretty well in a day’s time.  They are left of me from left to right: Nikhilesh, Dinesh and Edvin.

They are willing to lay their lives down to reach people with the love of Jesus, folks that are struggling, “untouchable” kids that need education they educate, folks in the slums, folks in rural places, and anyone who is willing to listen.  They pray and the sick are healed, evil spirits are cast out, folks have dreams and visions of Jesus.  These guys are the real deal, their wives and children join them in it.  They are an inspiration to me and I hope to anyone who reads this.

They remind me again of the ultimate sacrifice that Jesus made when He gave Himself for the sin of humanity and conquered death itself, making the way for anyone who would receive Him to abundant, eternal life!