09 Oct

Under the Moonlight – from the new Celebration CD!

Under the Moonlight – from Mitchell’s new CD “Celebration”! 

Rochelle was 16 years old and I was 17 on our first date at an Italian Restaurant down at Bellingham Bay.  (It’s no longer there today.)  After we had some nervous conversation over pasta, I held her hand and we walked under the moonlight.  She says now that I held her hand so tight that it hurt her, but she didn’t say anything.  It was however a romantic evening. I sang a song about marriage to her and gave her flowers, which was a little much on a first date.  But this song, “Under the Moonlight” was written about that night.

It is on the new CD “Celebration” which will be released on October 20, at Sonlight Church on Bender Rd. in Lynden.  Any donation made to Envision will mean that a person can take a CD home for free.  You can get the new CD downloaded also on our website: www.envisionmission.org/media

Here are the lyrics:

Under the moonlight, I held your hand.  You made me realize, you’re my romance

When I close my eyes and remember the times, under the moonlight

Under the moonlight, I saw your face; through your disguise, beyond time and space

When I look back and and remember the times, under the moonlight

Oh here it comes, that funny feeling; oh and it’s got my heart

And it’s love, under the moonlight

I promised you that you would always be mine

Faithful and true, but I didn’t stay by your side

And now I’m asking for your forgiveness, it seems like the hundredth time

So long I’ve waited, your face is hidden, and now I’m hoping to find

You’ll answer me; we’ll be together and forever be

When I look ahead to the times, under the moonlight…