Articles and Books

Mitchell’s booklet, The Narrative – Theology as Story, is available in PDF format.  Click here to read.

Mitchell’s book, A Bride for Jeshona, is available for download as a gift for making an online donation of any amount.  Follow the same directions as given below for the music albums in order to receive a password.


Mitchell’s album, Live at My Church is available free of charge.  Just click the download link to download a zipped file of songs.

Mitchell’s other albums are available for download as a gift to you for making an online donation of any amount.  Please select the donate button to the right.  Be sure to mark the box that says you want to be on the mailing list so you will receive the download code by e-mail.

If you can’t afford a donation please e-mail us from the contact page and let us know and we’ll send you a code so you can download a CD or book for free.

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Sermons and Ministry Resources

All of our sermons and ministry resources are available free of charge.

09/04/2016 – Prophecy in the Old Testament – Mitchell Senti

03/06/2016 – A Key To Overcoming Mental Illness – Mitchell Senti

04/17/2016 – Testimony – Morgan West on New Wine

02/14/2016 – Sermon “Love” Bernie Brower

12/27/2015 – Sermon “Tangibility” Mitchell Senti

11/8/2015 – Sermon “Taming the Tongue” Bernie Brower

11/1/2015 – Sermon “Get Wisdom from the Father” Mitchell Senti

10/25/2015 – Sermon “Don’t be Afraid to Testify” Mitchell Senti

10/18/2015 – Sermon “Jesus the Light” Ted Gray

9/26/2015 – Sermon “Priesthood of All Believers” Mitchell Senti + wedding

9/6/2015 – “Walking in the Spirit”