25 Sep

Let the Son Shine

Let the Son shine through me and you…

Rich Mullins wrote the song “Awesome God” and many other songs that Christians have sung for more than two decades. He died in a car accident in the late 90’s. He was a beautiful man because of His receiving the love of God for him in Jesus Christ. He could have lived a wealthy life off the songs he wrote, but instead chose to live in a hogan on the Navajo Reservation in a town called Window Rock, Arizona. He lived simply and sang songs for the local Natives, finding out what life is really about.

I lived on a nearby Reservation in 2000 in the city of Zuni, New Mexico. The Pastor there knew Rich Mullins pretty well, since Rich had sung at his church and school quite a lot. One time Rich was talking about how he used to get up at 5 something am and see the sun lined up perfectly with the natural window at Window Rock. He said that he wished he could be like that with Jesus- so perfectly in line with Him that folks could see Him shining through. Pastor Mike Meekhof encouraged Rich to write a song about that. Rich thought that was a good idea. He died not long after that and never wrote the song.

When I came to Zuni, Pastor Mike asked me if I’d write a song about it, so I went to Window Rock and prayed and God gave me a song called “Let the Son Shine”. Mike’s son Chad really wanted to learn it, so I taught it to him back in 2000.

Recently there was a tribute for Rich Mullins at Window Rock. His brother Dave came and his guitarist Mitch McVicker. A local radio DJ heard Chad singing that song “Let the Son Shine” and asked if Chad would sing it at the tribute. Chad did so, and I was very honored by that.

I pray that all of us can let Jesus’ light shine through us so that others can see Him and His love. If you’re interested in hearing my version of it, you can use the instructions on our website to download the “Walk in the Park” album: www.envisionmission.org/media

“See the sunrise at the break of dawn; watch the birds fly over Window Rock.

Something strange begins when the morning comes; see the window lining up with the sun.

Let the Son shine through me and you, like the the sun shines through Window Rock

See the Son rise from an open tomb; let us rise with the Son…”