29 Oct

Crying Tonight

Crying Tonight

Originally i wrote this as a love song, but when i started working with folks that were homeless, i thought them more worthy of the song’s sound than romance.  Mother Theresa used to say you could find Jesus in disguise by ministering to the poor.  I believe she was right.  Jesus said, “Whatever you have done for the least of these brothers of mine, you have also done for me…” according to Matthew’s account of the Gospel of Jesus Messiah.

The song begins..

You never see me, always leave me, as I’m crying on the streets at night

You don’t know me, but I know you, can hear me I’m Jesus in disguise

Now I’m reaching, but you’re leaving, yes I’m hiding in the homeless man

And I’m dying just to know you, if you saw me would you understand?

I’m crying, I’m crying, oh I’m crying tonight…


Then I begin to see…

Now you know me, and I know you, ’cause you’ve broken the chains that bound my eyes

You’re crying…oh you’re crying tonight


And the call goes out to anyone who will listen

Who will go now, will you go now, to the broken and wipe the tears from their eyes?

You’re crying, I’m crying, oh we’re crying tonight


It’s so important that we take this seriously.  Jesus even says that those who don’t will suffer eternal hell.  That’s no joke!  I want to hear the cries of the lonely and broken and poor because i’ve been there myself and as God leads i want to love them.  Do you?

Join us.  Upon writing this blog we are going to have a concert at “My Church” in Bellingham on November 3 at 7pm.  Come and join us and find out more.

Also on our website: http://www.envisionmission.org/media

You can hear this song on the Celebration album.