22 Jan

A Bride for Jeshona in paperback! – A good King?

Here is an except from a book i wrote back in 2003 that is available on our media page: www.envisionmission.org/media (just follow the instructions) and on Amazon Kindle in both digital and paperback forms now- A Bride for Jeshona: This section concerns King Gadlon and a tiny village in his Kingdom from Chapter 4- “A Peasant Girl”- Enjoy!

“In the government house of the village Lamek and many of his fellow soldiers stood beside Sesoma along with some of the doctors from Adora.  Dojas and Tenmal were the only two elders left in the village and Dojas had taken the plant, as he claimed, by accident.  It was a pathetic assembly of elders, their shoulders slumped over and their eyes to the floor. 

Lamek spoke to them first.  “Greetings.  We are soldiers and doctors from the King’s royal castle.  We are here to help your village, to care for the sick and reestablish order.  The King is nearby, on the mountaintop.  His concern for you is great and he has come to give you succor.” 

Dojas replied quickly.  “How can we be sure that you are from the King’s castle?”  He interrupted his own question with a gasp of pain, held his stomach, and then continued, “And if the King is so nearby, why does he not come down himself?” 

Sesoma spoke.  “I saw the King with my own eyes.  I spoke with him.  These men are not lying.  Look at their royal clothing.  Note that they are truly concerned for us and ask for nothing in return.  They are not here to deceive.  Is that not enough for you?” 

“How do we know,” asked Dojas, “that these men are not just trying to trick us and take advantage of our desperate village?  Why does the King not show himself?” “