30 Oct

Sweetly Surrender – from the Celebration CD!

Sweetly Surrender

Here is a picture from one of our recent concerts – Mitchell at piano

This song asks some important questions, brings out fears, assurances and finally settles in sweet surrender.  I’ve always hated the idea of death, but then I’m not sure we were meant to love it.  I find myself struggling with many things, but God always reassures my heart that it’s going to be okay.  I know He is trustworthy.

Here are the lyrics:

Oh yes, I’m going back to my only friend; I’ll give up all I have, all I have to Him

Yes, I feel it in my soul and I cannot let go of this feeling that I have, that I have, oh for You

No I did it wrong again, got my hands on the wheel; I’ve got to give it up, up control over me

Jesus, help me find the way from the nighttime to the day, thank You for the light to see your grace and your face

Your love so tender, I sweetly surrender.  No more pretending, just sweet…

Sometimes I get so tired, that I cannot see the light.  Why do people have to die, I wonder why?

But you always come to me and tell me that my will is free, and when I do not understand you’ll always be

Right there by my side, whispering words of life.  When I cannot always hear, always hear, not all the time

When the rain is pouring down and I cannot hear the sound, I will trust you even then, even then oh my Friend

Your love so tender…

To access the CD go to http://www.envisionmssion.org/media and follow the instructions.  If you donate even a $1 you can get a code and access the CD or book of your choice.



23 Oct

“Awake!” from the song Wake Up oh Sleeper

Wake Up Oh Sleeper

As part of the One Voice Project in Whatcom County we are recording a new song: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/one-voice-worship-project-music-art#/

What a beautiful expression of the unity of the Church this album has already proved to be. There are 11 other musicians doing songs for it and we are so excited to be a part of it.

This particular song “Wake Up Oh Sleeper” is taken from Ephesians 5:14 as well as Psalm 57:7, Isaiah 51: 9 and 17; as well as 52:1. I tried to find all the verses I could about waking up because I believe we need to wake up as a church and we will find the LORD awake to us! We so easily go to sleep in ourselves, but we need to sing to our souls and wake them up even as we cry out to the LORD to awaken us.

Here are some of the lyrics:

Wake up oh sleeper, rise from the dead and Christ will shine on you, He will shine on you…

Awake my soul, awake melody and song; awake my soul, I will awaken the dawn…

Awake, awake oh arm of the Lord, clothed in strength as in the days of old; awake oh Zion and sing of His love.

Rise up Jerusalem and sing…”

I’ve had to sing this song to my soul recently and I hope as people hear it they will also be awakened to the glory and love of Jesus! It means we come out of hiding and into our true destiny in Christ. We rid ourselves of sin and go into the freedom He has for us! 

There will be a concert and a CD available with paintings and various artists contributing so find out the details on the link at the top of the page.

16 Oct

Okay, Uhuh, Alright – from the new “Celebration” CD!

Okay, Uhuh, Alright!

Sometimes you just have to say, Okay, uhuh, alright.  What?  Let me explain: we used to have a discussion night every Wednesday at our coffeehouse.  I remember that sometimes folks would feel very strongly about an opinion; so strongly, in fact, that they would yell or cry or even have to leave.

It’s so important not to make being right the main thing, but love.  Sometimes it’s just better to agree to disagree, or let it go, or just nod and say, alright, I see where you’re coming from.  That’s what this song is about.

It’s a song from the new Celebration CD:  http://www.envisionmission.org/media and it’s a fun one.  If you’d like to download it just follow the instructions on the link.  We will also have sung this one at our CD release concert as well.  Here are most of the lyrics:

There’s a time to speak and a time to be quiet.  There’s a time to refrain and a time to say, Okay, uhuh, alright

There’s a time to be angry about what is wrong.  There’s a time to let go and a time to be strong and say, okay, uhuh, alright

There’s a saying, I know where I come from: Okay, uhuh…

There’s a saying written down in the Bible: be slow to speak, and quick to listen, okay…

And slow to anger it also says, ’cause it’s not worth getting angry about…

I got friends who love to debate. I got friends who don’t so I say: okay…

I enjoy thinking that I’m always right, but sometimes I’ve just got to say…

You got rain coming down from your face; then you should never have gone that far, so say…

There are deeper things than just being right, things like love, respect and being kind…


09 Oct

Under the Moonlight – from the new Celebration CD!

Under the Moonlight – from Mitchell’s new CD “Celebration”! 

Rochelle was 16 years old and I was 17 on our first date at an Italian Restaurant down at Bellingham Bay.  (It’s no longer there today.)  After we had some nervous conversation over pasta, I held her hand and we walked under the moonlight.  She says now that I held her hand so tight that it hurt her, but she didn’t say anything.  It was however a romantic evening. I sang a song about marriage to her and gave her flowers, which was a little much on a first date.  But this song, “Under the Moonlight” was written about that night.

It is on the new CD “Celebration” which will be released on October 20, at Sonlight Church on Bender Rd. in Lynden.  Any donation made to Envision will mean that a person can take a CD home for free.  You can get the new CD downloaded also on our website: www.envisionmission.org/media

Here are the lyrics:

Under the moonlight, I held your hand.  You made me realize, you’re my romance

When I close my eyes and remember the times, under the moonlight

Under the moonlight, I saw your face; through your disguise, beyond time and space

When I look back and and remember the times, under the moonlight

Oh here it comes, that funny feeling; oh and it’s got my heart

And it’s love, under the moonlight

I promised you that you would always be mine

Faithful and true, but I didn’t stay by your side

And now I’m asking for your forgiveness, it seems like the hundredth time

So long I’ve waited, your face is hidden, and now I’m hoping to find

You’ll answer me; we’ll be together and forever be

When I look ahead to the times, under the moonlight…




25 Sep

Let the Son Shine

Let the Son shine through me and you…

Rich Mullins wrote the song “Awesome God” and many other songs that Christians have sung for more than two decades. He died in a car accident in the late 90’s. He was a beautiful man because of His receiving the love of God for him in Jesus Christ. He could have lived a wealthy life off the songs he wrote, but instead chose to live in a hogan on the Navajo Reservation in a town called Window Rock, Arizona. He lived simply and sang songs for the local Natives, finding out what life is really about.

I lived on a nearby Reservation in 2000 in the city of Zuni, New Mexico. The Pastor there knew Rich Mullins pretty well, since Rich had sung at his church and school quite a lot. One time Rich was talking about how he used to get up at 5 something am and see the sun lined up perfectly with the natural window at Window Rock. He said that he wished he could be like that with Jesus- so perfectly in line with Him that folks could see Him shining through. Pastor Mike Meekhof encouraged Rich to write a song about that. Rich thought that was a good idea. He died not long after that and never wrote the song.

When I came to Zuni, Pastor Mike asked me if I’d write a song about it, so I went to Window Rock and prayed and God gave me a song called “Let the Son Shine”. Mike’s son Chad really wanted to learn it, so I taught it to him back in 2000.

Recently there was a tribute for Rich Mullins at Window Rock. His brother Dave came and his guitarist Mitch McVicker. A local radio DJ heard Chad singing that song “Let the Son Shine” and asked if Chad would sing it at the tribute. Chad did so, and I was very honored by that.

I pray that all of us can let Jesus’ light shine through us so that others can see Him and His love. If you’re interested in hearing my version of it, you can use the instructions on our website to download the “Walk in the Park” album: www.envisionmission.org/media

“See the sunrise at the break of dawn; watch the birds fly over Window Rock.

Something strange begins when the morning comes; see the window lining up with the sun.

Let the Son shine through me and you, like the the sun shines through Window Rock

See the Son rise from an open tomb; let us rise with the Son…”

11 Sep

Humility and the Sunrise Part 4

They entered the palace grounds and made their way into the hall of the Empress Kogyoku.  The sound of the musicians playing their flutes, drums and bells could be heard all through the grounds.  But when Naka no O’e entered the hall, his eyes fixed on Iruka.  And there he was, sitting next to Naka’s own mother, the Empress.  Naka no O’e and his guards with him bowed low to the Empress with their faces to the ground.  She acknowledged them gladly, but her face was slightly pinched.

Naka no O’e stood first and then his guards.  They all bowed slightly towards Soga Iruka.  The Soga wore his naga-bakama which surrounded him on the floor where he sat on his legs.  Yet his face wore a broad and confident smile, his moustache perfectly trimmed.  To Naka no O’e it seemed like his enemy was gloating, satisfied in his place of power at the Queen Mother’s right hand.  Then Soga Iruka’s eyes caught sight of the swords that Naka and his guards carried with them on their belts.

“This was to be a peaceful meeting, Naka no O’e.  The invitation came to me with full assurance that there would be no weapons among the court.  Why then do you come with swords?”

“Iruka,” Naka began.  “You and your Soga have wrongfully taken power which was not given to you from heaven.  I know that you plan to overthrow the Empress and take the throne.  How could I trust that you would come unarmed?”

At this Soga Iruka frowned and the Empress put her hand over her mouth.

“We will have none of this language in the palace hall,” the Empress spoke firmly.  Her lips were already very small on her somewhat portly face, but after she said this she puckered them even more tightly.  Then she said again, “You agreed to come here in peace, my son.  And you will stop these angry words.”

“This day all plans to overthrow your rule will cease forever, my mother.”  And he bowed low to her quickly from his hips.  Then Naka and his guards after him took their own seats to the left of the Empress with her personal servants and guards.  She then called for the music to cease and the Memorials to be read.  Soga Kurayamada Ishikawa no Maro entered the room and bowed low with his dark-skinned face to the ground before the Empress.  One of her servants brought a set of wooden books to Kurayamada.  He took the first book in hand and began to read from it with much expression.

As soon as Kurayamada’s voice started to read, the sound of the palace doors shutting could be heard all around the palace hall; all twelve of them were closed quickly.

Naka no O’e turned toward his guards… find the rest on the media page: http://www.envisionmission.org/media

04 Sep

Humility and the Sunrise Part 3


“My master needs access to Her Majesty’s palace hall.”

“I thought that was what you said to me.”

“Then why did you ask me to repeat myself?”  Kagetoki’s thin face was unflinching.

“You cannot be serious, Kagetoki.”  The courtier’s buggy eyes fixed intently on the servant.  “I cannot allow even Naka no O’e to enter alone without Her Majesty’s knowledge of it.  What is the Crown Prince hiding that she cannot know?”

“He is hiding nothing from you, Courtier.  There are things that are too terrible for Her Majesty to know, too dangerous for her.  She must be protected.”

“And it is my duty to protect her; I am a shield for the Empress.  Therefore I must know his intentions.”

“But must she know?”

“Why do you speak in riddles, Kagetoki?”

“You know what I speak of, Yashimoto.  The Soga have ruled in place of Her Majesty far too long.  I know you share our ideals.  The power of the Imperial family comes from the Deities.  These men have built statues in their own honor, but they have no right to the throne.  You must help us stop them.”

“Her Majesty favors Iruka and his father.  I can do nothing to stop them.  I must do the will of Her Lordship.”

“Empress Kogyoku is a trusting woman.  She cannot be blamed for their manipulations.  She cannot see their motives.”

“Are you questioning her royal wisdom, Kagetoki?”

“Do not be foolish, Yashimoto.  You know what I say is true.  Help us.  My master seeks the best interest of Her Majesty that she may rule this land truly and not only in appearance.”

“Your master looks out for his own best interest, not the interest of Her Majesty.”

“I must disregard that insult, but I assure you, my master seeks the best interest of all the Imperial family, the traditions of our people, and to do the will of the Deities.”

“And why do you expect me to trust your master’s motives more than the Soga?  You speak of their manipulations while you try to manipulate me also.  What do I have to gain from trusting Naka no O’e?”  The Courtier smiled thinly.

“Do you seek Her Majesty’s best interest or your own?”

Yashimoto gave no answer and Kagetoki shook his head.  “Yes, you will be rewarded for your help.”

“What does that mean, servant of Naka no O’e?”

“He is offering each of you three golden sheaths with long swords in each, given to the Imperial family from the Tang Dynasty.”

“So I will help him.”  And Yashimoto’s grin grew larger.

Kagetoki bowed slightly.  “My master will be pleased to hear it.  The palace gates must be closed after everyone has entered.  He instructs you also to tell no one of this, but the palace guards.  If you fail, you will all be less than rewarded, eightfold.”

“Tell you master not to threaten after he has offered rewards.  It does not leave his friends with sweet tastes in the mouth.  None will know of this here but the palace guard and whoever else has joined with your master’s cunning.”

28 Aug

Humility and the Sunrise Part 2

Humility and the Sunrise


He raised his fist to heaven.  “It is rightfully mine.  I will take it for myself.”

But the sound of someone approaching caused the plank floor of the nightingale corridor to sing its eerie tones in Naka’s ears.  He quickly stood up from his cross-legged sitting position and turned to face his guest.  Naka no O’e was amazingly swift even though he was a stout man.  “Who approaches?”

“Your father-in-law, Kurayamada.”  Kurayamada stopped near the silk sliding door to Naka’s meditation room.

“Why did my servant not escort you?”

“I came with silent feet, of my own accord, so that no one would see my coming.”

“Why did you come in secret?”

Kurayamada slid the door open, with a smile on his dark-skinned face.  “Why do you plot in secret, my son?”

Naka reached for his sword from his left side.

Kurayamada bowed to Naka no O’e from his hips, then put his hand up, still smiling.

“Naka no O’e, our friend Kamatari has already told me everything.  I am with you both.  I have agreed to help you.”

Naka sighed heavily, his shoulders relaxed.  “Sit down then and please do not approach without my servant in the future.”  Naka motioned with his hand to a mat on the floor nearby.

“I wanted no one to know of my meeting with you, Naka no O’e.”

“My servant would give his life for me.  He knows of my plans, Kurayamada.”

Our plans; I will assure Soga Iruka of your trustworthiness.”  Kurayamada sat down on his legs gladly.

Naka did the same.  “And what do you have to gain from this, Soga Kurayamada?  The Soga will lose their power if we are successful.  But Kamatari assures me that you are not with them in spirit.”

“I am with you, my son-in-law.  I expect to gain your favor from it, since you will ascend the throne.  That is what matters to me, Naka no O’e.”

Naka looked him in the eye.  That moment seemed to last longer than a thought.

21 Aug

Humility and the Sunrise

  Before 30 years old I kept my hair long. 

After 30 years old, I tended to shave my head as a reminder to lay down my “crown” before Jesus.  (: 

Before I turned 30 years old, I envisioned a new day in my ministry work.  I thought that when I turned 30 I would be baptized into service, like Jesus was baptized at 30 and come into a new level of power.

But shortly beforehand I had a dream about a Japanese Crown Prince from ancient times who was supposed to take the throne as Emperor but was kept from the throne by a political party.  In my dream he assassinated the leader of this party.  Then, when he realized he was about to take the throne he was overwhelmed by how lofty a thing it would be.  Then I woke up and sense God’s Spirit telling me I had something to learn from this man.

I researched Japanese history and found a Crown Prince from the 7th Century had been kept from his throne by the Soga clan.  He assassinated Soga Iruka in exactly the same way as in my dream.  But history doesn’t know why he abdicated the throne and took a tonsure as a monk, which means he shaved his head.  He abdicated the throne over and over again until the end of his life.

I wondered what this meant.  The next day one of the baristas at the coffeehouse named Charlie came in with a t-shirt he bought for me at a garage sale.  He had no idea about the dream.  The t-shirt had a Japanese symbol on it.  When I asked friends who knew Japanese what the symbol meant they said, “Dream.”

Now I was praying about what this all meant and at a prayer meeting the LORD highlighted the part of the book of Revelation where the elders lay down their crowns before Jesus the Lamb of God and give him the glory.  Then I started to understand.

On my 30th birthday I took part in a Christian conference about the glory of Jesus.  I was part of a worship team for which the sole purpose was to help people give glory to Jesus.  We were kept behind a black curtain so no one would notice us, but only Him.

I realized that the purpose of my life wasn’t to come into great power in “my” ministry, but to learn to give glory to Jesus alone and help others do the same.  Who is equal to Him anyway?

So with that i’m going to share a short story I wrote on our website called “Humility and the Sunrise” about Emperor Tenji from the 7th century.  I’ll share some tidbits on my blog and then it will be available on the media page in its entirety.

Apparently the current Emperor of Japan is also planning to abdicate his throne, which hasn’t happened in over two centuries- interesting… anyways, that’s why the shaved head- because it reminds me of my purpose.  Check out the story on our media page for a donation of any amount: www.envisionmission.org/media

17 Jul

Big Balloon

It’s so important for Dads to play with and spend time with their children on a regular basis.  We need to stop being so busy and make sure we take time, even if just to read a short book when we get home from work or whatever it takes to spend time together.  These years when our kids are smaller go so fast and we don’t get them back.  May God help us to cherish every moment we have with our families and friends.

This song is written with that purpose in mind.  Often my kids and I would check out the rental tractors at Hardware Sales in Bellingham here and then we would buy something and get some balloons from them for free.  Then we’d take them home, blow them up and have all kinds of fun just running around the house with them or trying to keep them from hitting the ground.

So goes the song:

Having fun with my sons, playing til the day is done

Rolling and a laughing and a smiling until the living room becomes

A hurricane disaster site, Mamma’s got a frown tonight

Better pick up our toys sons, I got to teach you to do what’s right

We’re playing with the big balloons, playing with a big balloon…

Keep a handle on your hey de hey, a lid on your ho de ho

Keep your chin up and keep on smiling if it’s not going where you want to go…


This song is on the “Jimmy Rig” album which is available on this website on the www.envisionmission.org/media page if you follow the instructions for download for a small donation of any amount.  Hope you enjoy- shalom!