17 Jul

Big Balloon

It’s so important for Dads to play with and spend time with their children on a regular basis.  We need to stop being so busy and make sure we take time, even if just to read a short book when we get home from work or whatever it takes to spend time together.  These years when our kids are smaller go so fast and we don’t get them back.  May God help us to cherish every moment we have with our families and friends.

This song is written with that purpose in mind.  Often my kids and I would check out the rental tractors at Hardware Sales in Bellingham here and then we would buy something and get some balloons from them for free.  Then we’d take them home, blow them up and have all kinds of fun just running around the house with them or trying to keep them from hitting the ground.

So goes the song:

Having fun with my sons, playing til the day is done

Rolling and a laughing and a smiling until the living room becomes

A hurricane disaster site, Mamma’s got a frown tonight

Better pick up our toys sons, I got to teach you to do what’s right

We’re playing with the big balloons, playing with a big balloon…

Keep a handle on your hey de hey, a lid on your ho de ho

Keep your chin up and keep on smiling if it’s not going where you want to go…


This song is on the “Jimmy Rig” album which is available on this website on the www.envisionmission.org/media page if you follow the instructions for download for a small donation of any amount.  Hope you enjoy- shalom!


03 Jul

Because I’m Loved

The motivation for everything for me is because I’m loved by God, I do what I do.  This song: Because I’m Loved says it all:

There’s a song in my heart of peace and joy that i can’t explain

It seems to come from somewhere beyond this world you might say

I was feeling down, suddenly it came and now it remains

I think it comes from love that loves and keeps on giving it away

Yes, I love, because I am loved…

It isn’t that we need to love ourselves more; we’re actually obsessed with ourselves most of the time.  It’s that we need to know we’re loved by Someone who can love us with an everlasting love.  Then we can deal with anything, because that’s what we were made for and to love Him back and others too!

Soon we’ll have this song on our newest CD “Celebration” on the website on the media page.

26 Jun

Lessons from India Part 3

(This is a photo of my friends Joshuva and Martin.  Often we had chai together and visited in the hot afternoons in India.  I miss them very much because they became like family to Timothy and I while we were there.)

Take the time

Although our friends in India work hard and are busy, they also take a lot of time for the Holy Spirit.  Right now I’m sitting on my couch, resting, writing this on my day off.  I’m thinking about how busy I get and mostly because I say yes to a lot of requests from folks.  It’s all really good stuff, but how can we slow down and live at a healthy pace?  God help us learn how to do that.

Let’s cherish the time we do have with family and friends.  I’m sure Jesus knew how to do that on earth.  He certainly still knows how to do it from Heaven.  Shalom and blessings to all who read this in His Name.


19 Jun

Lessons from India Part 2

Do you believe there is more to the universe than what we see with our eyes; that there is a spiritual world too?  “More than meets the eye”!  One of my kids was just watching episodes from the 1980’s cartoon “Transformers” and that is one of the main lines in the theme song. (More than meets the eye)  It got me thinking, and then I thought about India: they believe that there is more to the universe than what we see with our eyes.

In fact, the strategy that Christians have for sharing Christ with people there is that they pray for the sick to be healed, and they are healed in Jesus’ name.  They even cast out demons from people and the people are set free, just like Jesus did in the Bible.  They also experience dreams and visions of Jesus and then people are open to hearing about who He is and His love for them, and they trust in Him, even in Him alone.

I believe there is a battle between light and darkness in the universe and that Christ is the light.  We too have seen folks set free from demons and have seen miraculous healings, but the greatest evidence for God is the effect He has on people.  It has been said that we cannot see the wind, but we can see its effects.  So it is with God.  Though we cannot see Him, we do see Him in those who believe in Him, when they love sacrificially and that is the greatest evidence for God and Christ Jesus.

I have learned from India, that these are also our greatest evidences  in America.  No amount of arguing will help, but lives lived in real love (and some miracles that flow from that love) are our greatest allies in the battle.  It is the Holy Spirit of God that convinces people of the Truth.  We don’t have to try to convince them, but we can share what God has done for us in Christ.



05 Jun

Lessons from India Part 1

Someone asked me recently, “What is the most important thing you took back with you from India?” Well, it is a beautiful culture and there’s a lot of things I could point to, but from the Christians there I learned about a life of prayer. Because of their continual need for God’s intervention, many of them have learned to live in dependence on the LORD by praying all the time. What do I mean? We rented a vehicle for the family we stayed with in Ongole, the Kattevarapu family. When we got into the van together, the father prayed for our journey and gave thanks to God. While we were driving, especially because traffic in India is very different than the United States with lots of horn-honking, close calls, swerving around each other and cattle ambling through the streets, the mother of the family would pray, “Lord Jesus!” frequently while we traveled. When we got to our destination, the father would again pray, thanking God for allowing us to arrive safely and praying for our ministry time to follow.

That’s just a glimpse of how their life of prayer functions. Do we in the US pray each time before we depart in our vehicles, pray throughout the journey and then thank God when we arrive?

Normally the family rents automatic rickshaws in order to get to their destinations. They minister to folks in the nearby villages miles and miles from their own home. Sometimes they take the bus, which is not reliable. They’ve been stuck in the villages more than once before. They bring rice to the untouchables and low caste folks not because they’re trying to bribe them into being Christians, but because the people there need the rice desperately in order to make it. The bread-winners of the families work in the hot salt fields all day for $3/day.

But it’s difficult to bring rice bags with their current mode of transportation. That’s why when we came and paid for a rental vehicle for them, with air conditioning in the the very hot weather, they were very grateful.

That dear family needs a ministry van to do their ministry most effectively. Could we who are their brothers and sisters in the West, give financially toward that need? If you’re interested in helping please donate to Envision Mission: 710 E. Sunset Dr. Bellingham, WA 98225 and put “India” in the memo line of your check. If you donate online, please e-mail us or let us know in some way that you want it to go toward the ministry van fund for “India”. www.envisionmission.org/donate

We’d like to at least get them a quality used vehicle. Used vehicles in India are difficult to find in good shape though because the roads can be so hard on such vehicles. So if we raise enough funds we can get a newer vehicle for them, or even brand new, and that will last for a long time for their ministry.

Pray for them also, if you’re a believer in Christ reading this, especially for their strength in continuing this important ministry. It’s called, “House of the Lord Ministries”.

29 May




On this Memorial Day in America we remember those especially who gave their lives with the desire to bring freedom to this nation.  Sacrifice is something that we all honor and it makes me think about the sacrificial lives that my friends in Delhi are living.  I can’t name everyone in this picture because it is outside a house church after we worshiped together, but the three fellows in the front i got to know pretty well in a day’s time.  They are left of me from left to right: Nikhilesh, Dinesh and Edvin.

They are willing to lay their lives down to reach people with the love of Jesus, folks that are struggling, “untouchable” kids that need education they educate, folks in the slums, folks in rural places, and anyone who is willing to listen.  They pray and the sick are healed, evil spirits are cast out, folks have dreams and visions of Jesus.  These guys are the real deal, their wives and children join them in it.  They are an inspiration to me and I hope to anyone who reads this.

They remind me again of the ultimate sacrifice that Jesus made when He gave Himself for the sin of humanity and conquered death itself, making the way for anyone who would receive Him to abundant, eternal life!

22 May



That would be my word to describe the mindset of Americans after spending time in India. I never saw a child whine; not once. And their lives are much harder than American kids with much less toys, conveniences, etc.

And the poor: we had church on a road, so people just didn’t use that road while we were there for the church service. The rains had ruined their yard and leaked into their very poor home/hut. That’s why we had church on the road. The family wanted to feed us but didn’t have the resources. Their son was working in the salt fields as a teenager for $3 a day to support his mom and sisters. When the Pastor’s wife tried to give them money they put their hands up to refuse it. She insisted, they still refused. She finally put it in their hands and said it was from the LORD.

This is a far cry from what I encounter daily in my work. People ask for money after they have foolishly spent it on cable television, outings, fun stuff from the mall, and run out half way through the month. When we refuse they tell us we’ve rejected them and are not a compassionate church. This kind of thing is a common occurrence. I hear complaints about how difficult it is to get free services from the American government and when it doesn’t come through enough for them, we hear about it over and over again. I’m probably in the midst of culture shock, so I’m sorry if this is negative, but I don’t want to have an entitlement attitude. I want to be grateful for salvation, grateful for life, grateful for so much that I don’t deserve and live in great joy! May the LORD help us all to this end. Shalom.

24 Apr

The 7 Trumpets

The 7 Trumpets

               When I was in high school, the LORD put seven sins on my heart that the Church in North America needed to repent of, myself included:

1-     Apathy (not caring about the things of God; being lukewarm)

2-     Fear of man (caring more about what people think than what God thinks)

3-     Divisions (being divided against other believers who don’t agree with us on points of theology or practice but are in fact our brothers and sisters)

4-     Self-righteous traditions of men (trusting in our own little traditions we’ve come up with as our righteousness)

5-     Busyness (being caught up in the things of this world)

6-     Love of money (making comfort and affluence our master, rather than God)

7-     Insincere worship of God (worshipping God with our lips but not our hearts or actions)

I still believe these are relevant today and I repent of them daily for myself and the Church here in North America.  May God give us zeal, boldness, unity, dependence on His Word and Spirit, simplicity of heart, treasure in heaven and sincere worship of Him!  Shalom in Jesus

03 Apr

Shining Billy

When three trees coffeehouse was still open, in about 2010, I started an experimental album called, “Jimmy Rig” based on a dream I had about the future.  I don’t know if it was prophetic but in the dream musicians worked in music factories where music was recorded live, houses were dilapidated and poor musicians had special medical insurance and clinics they went to.  Jimmy Rig was an African American man in the dream who just got out of jail, had been a famous musician in his time and now shared his music again.  He started to play in one of the factories and this guitar part at the beginning of “Shining Billy” is what he played.  I woke up and wrote the song, as well as many songs like it.

“Shining Billy” is about a drug dealer who turns his life around, and wants to be famous, but no one knows his name.  Yet he shines because he got off drugs and is living a good life instead.

The lyrics are impressionistic, not exact:

“Billy looks grim, his face in a shim, he doesn’t know who to tell

But in a day or so, there won’t be grass to mow; then his dance won’t sell at all.

All the world doesn’t know, why poor Billy’s head hangs so low…”

And then as with other Jimmy Rigs, the lyrics are inspired by an old folk song or a mother goose rhyme:

“Oh where have you been Billy boy, Billy boy, oh where have you been shining Billy?

You’ve been sitting in the sky, with an eagle in your eye, waiting for the world to sigh, shining Billy!…”

Enjoy more on our media page: www.envisionmission.org/media and follow the instructions to download a CD


06 Feb

Riding on the Wings of Love

Cary, Mississippi and Lynden, Washington are very different places, but when I was in high school, somehow I knew God was going to call me to go to Mississippi in my wood paneled station wagon. So I wrote a song about the idea of riding on the wings of God’s love, as if I was already on the road and singing it for my girlfriend at the time, Rochelle Van Ry.

Well, it came true and I remember singing it when I got to Mississippi. It was exactly how I felt when the dream became a reality. The song has made more sense to me now than it did then as people gather with us in Jesus’ Name and we continue to ride on the wings of his love.

Here’s a sample from the song:

Let me sing to you a song that I’ve sung while I’m riding on the wings of love

It’s a song that I love to sing when I’m coming back home my love

In the desert or in the rain, even while I’m on the road

I’ll be singing to you all of my days, singing to you while I’m all alone

And I’m riding, riding on the wings, oh I’m riding on the wings of love…

And a child cries in the night, and we really don’t know why

A young girl takes out a knife, oh it’s going to make me cry

So I’m singing trying to give all the happiness I have found

Innocent children cling to it and they’re gathering all around

…I’m riding on the wings of love

Listen to the whole song and the whole album on this website by following the instructions given on the media page”: www.envisionmission.org/media